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Discover the multicultural life in the Sleepstraat

Ghent’s diversity in all possible aspects and details

Welcome to the Sleepstraat! Stroll along and soak up the multicultural atmosphere along numerous colorful shops and get carried away by the migration stories of old and new Ghentians.

More about this tour

A great diversity of as many as 160 nationalities live in Ghent. The colourful districts are wonderful for a stroll, and the best street of all is the Sleepstraat, where many colourful cultures meet. People have come to live in Ghent for many reasons: to start a business, to look for a job, to get a better life. Follow the traces of different migration waves and discover the fascinating stories of many ‘new’ people in this town. This guided walk will show you many special sights, among which a visit to the mosque in the Kazemattenstraat.

Practical information
  • Meeting point: Vrijdagmarkt, in front of the statue of Jacob van Artevelde
  • Maximum 20 people
  • Duration: 3 hours when you include a mosque visit.
  • The dress code for a mosque is the same worldwide. Shoes must be taken off before entering the mosque and stockings/socks are mandatory for EVERYONE.
    Arms, shoulders and belly are to be covered.  Mini skirts are not allowed.
Meeting point Vrijdagmarkt, statue Jacob van Artevelde
Point of arrival
Languages Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Gents
Price from € 115
Duration 2 h